for you we "compose" unique pictures

Whatever your special photography neeeds are - we always find ways to shoot remarkble pictures that suit your specific demands.

Above is just a sample of very special photography that we do also. But most of the time we shoot "normal" Pictures in a special way and high class quality .

If in our Studio (only for Still-Life Photography) or on your location that depends on the purpose. But anyway, almost everything is possible and can be arranged.

Get the best shots is the first and most important step, but needs to be followed by professional picture-editing to make the best out of the Shots. And that's what we do always.

  • our Services

    Professional Shootings on location nationwide (Philippines) or our studio

    Architectural Photography e.g. Hotels, Resorts, Shops, Factories ...

    Advertising and Product Photography e.g. Food & Baverage, Jewelry

    Landscape Photography

    Event Photography

    Panoramas 360-Degree interactive

    professional Photoediting

    Slideshows for Multimedia

  • about Topshot4You

    We we are located on Bohl since 15 years. Worked before abroad for some decades successfull in commercial Photography-Business.

    Please contact us and let us know what you need and we'll send you immediately an inexpensive quote for it.